Having a vision of the future is a basic principle to achieve the goals that every human being wants to achieve in their coming years.


Among the people we know, you can surely see very different profiles regarding the conception of the future, from those who never plan in life and are making their way according to what is presented to them, taking advantage of the opportunities that come, without worrying to establish concrete goals; even people who plan everything, with a conservative and sometimes calculating profile, who do not move a finger without having estimated the consequences both in the personal sphere and in their financial projects. Which of the two extremes is the best? … 


It would be very complex to answer since it is also returned to how close to each end is the person who is asked. Without subtracting virtue to those who live their day to day with the tranquility of only taking advantage of what is coming; I identify deeply with who defines and writes clear goals and objectives for their future; with whom he vibrates for a dream, he fights it and perfects it to the point of turning it into reality. Because he thinks permanently of his dream, he talks about it, he writes it, he documents it and investigates it, until he gives it a sufficient form that allows him to see it almost real. That someone, who dares to transform an idea into a concrete goal. 


Whether you want to lose weight, change jobs, earn more money during the next year, create your first company, quit smoking, stop drinking, get a new girlfriend or boyfriend, if you project this longing as a concrete objective, and also determines and writes some concrete strategies to reach that goal, you will be using a forceful and effective mix of Planning for the future and Neurolinguistic Programming, where the power of the spoken and written Word will become the fundamental pillar of that reaches the goals that perhaps before I consider unattainable. 


Just look around and you will find people among your family and friends, who look like real titans, because they quit smoking, or did the business of their lives, or managed to lose 50 kilos, or overcame the fear of uncertainty and created their own business ; Look at these examples and you will see that they are human beings as normal as you, that in the end what they had was the determination to fight and reach a specific goal. Neuro-linguistic Programming proposes the specific talents and models necessary to create positive changes and new choices, be more effective, free ourselves from obsolete habits or self-destructive behaviors, reflect more clearly on what we want and the means to obtain it. 


Neuro-linguistic Programming declares to study the relationship between spirit, language, emotions and behavior models so that through the Determination of human beings we make our ideas a reality. Do not be afraid of the unknown, project the changes you want for your life, involve strategies and planning, and you will surely have a specific answer when someone asks you: What are your plans for next year?