Our Services 

· EOI pursues to obtain the highest level of advertising services by a great reach of special and interested people in an easy and smooth manner.

· A main source for suppliers and merchants to follow latest and important tenders published by pioneers companies and organizations and to strengthen social justice and equal competition.

· A source contains experts database in all different sectors. EOI facilitates easy contact with them to provide consulting services, guiding, and to promote work levels.

·  An easy reach for fresh graduates to training and hiring platforms which help them to choose the right job and help them to improve their skills to integrate in workplace.

·  EOI works to guide and assist work seekers and recent graduates to prepare their resumes and pass job interviews by new special blogs which are appropriated for all divers and work markets.

·  EOI provides the necessary guideline for businessmen and emerging companies in how to apply for tenders according to the official standers and methods.