Our services are distributedithin this site as follows:

  1.           Presenting tenders that  advertisers publish and publish.

  2.  Present the functions that companies, organizations and advertisers publish.

  3.  Give lists of experts in all areas of life can be returned to them when needed.

  4.  Introduce data for the newly graduated and then attract them for training to enter the labor market.

All of the above are considered as the basic services shown to you in the main tabs of the site.

We also have privileges for advertisers. Both major advertisers and affiliates have a place to post their names and logos within the home page.

Allowing the user to know who we are dealing with and who advertise for us and create an atmosphere of transparency for everyone from advertisers, interested and job seekers as well.

We also have other services that can be used when dealing with the site. For example,

when interested in a kind of tenders or jobs you can enter an email to ask for participation by the arrival of ads related to what you like to your email and this brings you a constant update on your interest and reach what you desire easily.