About EOI

Our company "EOI" specialized in job advertisements and tenders is a company that started with the beginning of this year 2019 after years of study and research about the market and its needs. And about the problems of graduates in the introduction and access to employment after training and empowerment through carefully planned plans.

The site contains tenders that are entered daily by the developers of the site or by the companies and the organizations themselves. The aim of this service is to help companies and organizations publish their tenders and advertisements to the largest possible category and also help companies and emerging organizations get the offers and information necessary to continue their activity.


The site also contains a tab for the new graduates and the unemployed to attach their resume and give them instructions on how to give their correct data and then training and give them opportunities and jobs suitable for them. Where we bring together graduates and employees of companies, organizations and others.

The site also contains experts and consultants with high efficiency in all fields in the field of specialization can be returned to them at any time and consult them easily and smoothly.


The site is considered one of the rare sites in the Republic of Yemen in the field of tenders and employment.

The site is easy to access to all companies, organizations and individuals where a tab is allocated to each of the services alone contains the data in an easy and distinctive. This is not only as you can register through the site and thus can add anything you want to offer, whether from tenders or jobs or self-track for graduates and others.

Companies and organizations can follow up on tenders and compete in them smoothly.


We have added our dear users to the service of keeping up with all new via email by category, where you can choose the category you want to receive updates and notifications about them and then choose a subscription and this brings you all new. Graduates can also access the same service for jobs by specialty.


The Goal:

The objective of this website at the first level is to achieve the principle of transparency, contribution and social equality. We also aim to provide the community with qualified cadres that live up to and improve the level of work and country. Give opportunities to the largest possible segment of the targeted society and give greater opportunities for women's work and development.



Our vision is not limited to our current goals, but we aspire to the advancement of the homeland in all areas and to enhance its standing by sharing together to build. We believe in the principle that we will get together what we want to reach and more. We also strive to bring the site and service to the global level.