Physiotherapist (PT)

TITLE: Physiotherapist (PT)

Duty base:  MOKHA


Project: HI Health and Inclusion projects in Yemen


Handicap International is an independent and impartial international aid organisation working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. Working alongside persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, our action and testimony are focused on responding to their essential needs, improving their living conditions and promoting respect for their dignity and their fundamental rights.

Handicap International is a not-for-profit organisation with no religious or political affiliation. It operates as a federation made up of a network of associations that provide it with human and financial resources, manage its projects and implement its actions and social mission. For more details on the association: www.hi.org


Under the direct responsibility of the Project Officer, Physiotherapist will: Support, and implement physical and functional rehabilitation activities of the HI project(s) for the targeted population. He/she will be working to support physiotherapists and/or physiotherapist assistants or other medical staff and patients within external health facilities to ensure the provision and quality of Physiotherapist services in the health facilities supported by Handicap International.

The Physiotherapist will work in the health facilities o/and through a mobile team in the different health facilities within the HI targeted area of Yemen.


Line manager: Project Officer

Technical Line manager+1:  Field Technical Advisor-physiotherapist (FTA)

Team Managed: None

Strong functional link with: other Physiotherapist, PSS colleagues, case manager.


Responsibilities when HI does direct implementation of Physiotherapist activities

Assess functional capacities of the beneficiaries and identify their needs in terms of Physiotherapist and assistive devices:

·         Undertake a Physiotherapist assessment of the potential beneficiary

·         According to the outcomes of the assessment of the beneficiaries’ needs (taking into account her/his daily activities, the participation of her/his caregiver, etc…), develop an appropriate intervention and a plan of treatment as possible

·         Report your suggested intervention and plan of treatment via the assessment form

Offer secure and appropriate Physiotherapist interventions 

·         Inform the beneficiary and the caregiver of the importance of the Physiotherapist to improve the physical situation and the different steps to follow in order to achieve it

·         Provide Physiotherapist care according to the guidelines of HI’s emergency Physiotherapist interventions

·         Offer Physiotherapist services based on the defined objectives between the beneficiary, the caregiver and you

·         Review the most recent information on the beneficiary’s evolution before starting a treatment session and adapt your treatment or ask for technical advice from your supervisor when needed

·         Ensure the security of the beneficiary during the Physiotherapist sessions and take into account contra indications and precautions related to diverse illness, problems and medical treatments. Ask for a medical advice if needed.

·         Provide advices and train the beneficiary and the caregivers on the basic exercises that the beneficiary can do on his/her own or with support from caregivers on the way to prevent disabilities or disabling complications

Provide assistive devices and splints/other items when needed, as per HI guidelines

·         Identify the beneficiary’s needs in terms of assistive devices and/or splints, etc

·         Ensure that the device is adapted to the beneficiary and provide clear explanations to guarantee its proper use and maintenance.

·         Ensure a proper follow up of the use of the device

Report data, follow-up cases and organize daily and weekly activities

·         Complete the Sessions Follow-up form  after each intervention done on a beneficiary

·         Close follow-up of individual and familial cases to ensure a quality follow-up of all the beneficiaries,

Responsibilities when HI does indirect implementation of Physiotherapist activities

Ensuring the technical support to the Physiotherapist/medical staff of the health facilities supported for the different steps of beneficiaries’ flow in close collaboration with other Physiotherapist process stakeholders (psycho-social workers, etc.):

·         Ensuring regular on the job coaching to the Physiotherapist/medical staff according to the needs identified by the project according to the guidelines and report the activities executed under on the job coaching;

·         Ensuring a regular Technical support of the physiotherapists/Physiotherapist workers through field visits and technical follow-up in order to ensure the quality of the Physiotherapist activities delivered

·         Providing technical guidance to Physiotherapist staff at each step of Physiotherapist process: assessment, provision of service, donation, training and advice provided to caregivers, use and implementation of various tools

Support the setting up of activities with identified partners

·         Provide a technical support to the partners to develop adapted Physiotherapist activities for beneficiaries

·         Ensure a proactive presence in the planning with the partner and during the activities

·         Monitor the activities from a technical point of view

To build partners’ member’s capacities (in assessing the needs of people in terms of Physiotherapist, mobility aids, assistive devices, occupational activities in close collaboration with FTA Physiotherapist):

·         Provide technical advices and on the job training for nurses, medical staff and Physiotherapist staff on areas of technical practices where gap has been identified 

·         Develop Technical tools for Physiotherapist or any support for team’s and partner

Supporting the Physiotherapist Field Advisor and the PSS Field Advisor in the delivery of quality comprehensive rehabilitation services at health facilities supported by HI

·         If needed, participation and co-facilitation of beneficiary group sessions in close collaboration with the PSS team

·         Facilitating awareness session in collaboration with HI’s PSS team to support beneficiaries and caregivers to directly participate in Physiotherapist of themselves/their kin after discharge

Participating in the monitoring and evaluation of project activities

·         Collecting data as per the framework defined by the Field Technical Advisor and/or the Project Manager

·         Identification and analysis of project good practice and lessons learned to be incorporated in the development  of new projects

·         Reporting weekly to Project officer or, in his/her absence, the Project Manager, about activities done in compliance with M&E tools

·         Participating in lessons learned analysis and tools adjustment

·         Suggesting  any potential areas of intervention based on observation as a result of doing your work

·         Provide a handover/end of mission report

Participate in the analysis and reporting of global issues in the conflict affected population

·         In formal and informal meetings with the team, participate in the analysis of the different kinds of issues, at individual, familial and community level

·         Participate to report with the tools and the internal system all issues identified

·         Be part of a constructive holistic team work to develop a quality analysis and response for vulnerable persons


·         Respect beneficiary confidentiality.

·         Address needs and requests in a professional way.

·         Report any incident or act that causes any harm to beneficiary or to others.

·         Always interact with children with the presence of their parents or caregivers

·         Always ask the permission to touch or to apply any treatment or maneuvers to someone.

·         Always respect a refusal of treatment.

·         Show abilities and competences to execute an efficient rehabilitation intervention.

·          The position requires a very high level of flexibility and is subject to evolve in order to respond to additional tasks or changes as identified by the line manager.



·         Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy.

·         At least 2 years’ experience in providing physiotherapy treatment.

Preferred competence and skills:

·         Projects related to emergency rehabilitation with NGO/INGO preferably in emergency context

·         Experience in coaching physiotherapists and medical staff

·         Strong technical skills in functional Rehabilitation

·         Global Knowledge on emergency functional rehabilitation is desirable

·         English language skill

·         Ability to work under pressure with a high level of personal organization and flexibility

·         Strong communication and reporting skills

·         Commitment to humanitarian principles and to HI’s mandate

·         Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills

·         Proactive,  hardworking and conscientious

·         Strong organizational skills


·         Travel in and around Sana’a and Mokha or any other governorates to provide rehabilitation services as may be required.

·         On occasion, stay overnight outside of Aden City (where operations are presently based) as field movement requires.

Note: This job description must remain flexible, to respond to additional tasks or changes as identified by the line manager.


Note that working time can go up to 48 hours per week (according to the Yemen labour law) if it is required by the volume of activities and by the line manager.


HI’s Yemen mission implements activities in a sensitive environment regarding the safety and security of Handicap International staff and assets. Handicap International employees commit to observe the utmost respect of personal and professional ethics, to adhere to the humanitarian principles of neutrality and impartiality, and to ensure necessary levels of discretion are used within and outside working space. Not respecting this clause could lead to disciplinary action and/or to immediate dismissal as a result.

Any breach of the above mentioned responsibilities, of the Internal Regulations or of the Terms and Conditions of Engagement may be sanctioned by a written warning or immediate dismissal, if appropriate.

Job Conditions

·         The salary will be defined according to HI’s existing salary scale

·         Based in Mokha, with frequent movements to the field

·         30 day leave/year + benefits (transport allowance, health insurance, life insurance)

·         The working hours are the following: 8:00 to 16:30 (with 30 minutes lunch break) from Sunday to Thursday.

·         Note that working time can go up to 48 hours per week (according to the Yemen labor law) if it is required by the volume of activities and by the line manager. 

How to Apply

·         Interested candidates may please send their CV with cover letter in English, with the reference in the email subject: YEME/HR/2020/PROG/PT/Mokha+ Applicant full name
Deadline for applications is 11:30 pm on (Wednesday 23rd September 2020)

·         Please address all applications to: yemen.mokha.recruitment@yemen.hi.org

·         Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

Handicap International, is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.