TSFP- BSFP Supervisor

Job Description

  • Position: TSFP- BSFP Supervisor
  • Contract period: 9 months, renewable according to the budget.
  • Location: Hodeida
  • Deadline:  25/03/ 2023


Medical Mercy Foundation (MMF) is a national, non-governmental, and non-profitable humanitarian Foundation that was established in 2004 by a group of specialized doctors and workers in the health field. In addition to some specialists in the administrative field, in cooperation with local and international partners, contributing to meet the community health needs. MMF provides medical assistance to the most vulnerable groups; those affected by conflict, epidemics and natural disasters regardless race, religion, gender or political affiliation.

MMF believes that promoting health for human beings is the most important factor for sustaining life, so that the individual is an active part in the construction and development.

Reports to: Nutrition Officer

Tasks and duties    

1- Visiting HFs and FDPs on a daily and periodic basis.
2- Submit and share data and field reports from HFs and FDPs to the logistics officer, monitoring officer, and project director on a weekly basis and upon request.
3- Supervise the progress of work in the HFs and FDPs and raise shortages and deficiencies with health workers and volunteers to the line manager.
4-Supervise nutrition materials in HFs and FDPs, monitoring procedures, arranging, and organizing continuously, directing health workers and volunteers to arrange and stack materials according to standards, and recording the number of cartons, sachets, and bags during the visit.
5-Check and see the dates of materials in health facilities and FDPs, documenting supervisory visits with pictures, and sending them to the line manager.
6-Provide instructions and directives to volunteers, reviewing records, registers, cards, admission, and follow-up books for children and mothers, matching records with cards, registering any shortcomings of the health worker or volunteer, and reporting thereof.
7- Announcing the field needs of the facilities and FDPs before their completion, within a specified period, to the direct official, and following up on meeting the needs and providing the facilities and points.
8- Motivate the HWs and CHVs to do humanitarian work and the importance of nutrition and continuous awareness of HWs and CHVs.
9- Ensure that HFs and FDPs are provided with nutrition on a weekly and monthly basis, according to the need.
10-Urging to raise the percentage of distribution in health facilities by following up on continual distribution in HFs and FDPs, and to communicate with HFs and FDPs, and creating a good relationship in providing needs, meeting requests, and reaching the monthly target.
11- Reduce and break the obstacles and problems related to HFs and FDPs, and contribute to finding positive solutions that contribute to correcting the project’s cycle.
12- Ensure the continuity of availability of labels, posters, hotlines, pallets, materials, inquiries related to nutrition and scourges, convoys, cards, registers, tools, and measures in HFs and FDPs, and raising deficiencies, if any.
13- Continuous communication with HWs and CHVs, educating them, and ensuring their attendance daily in the work.
14- Contribute to inviting the beneficiaries (mothers and children) to come and turn out to the HFs and FDPs to take the allocated rations of nutrition.
15- Submit weekly developments and updates to the line director and the need for materials for each HFs and FDPs
16-Share and submit monthly plans for distribution, which include cases and materials, as requested by the project director.
17- Respond and cooperate in requesting needs and requirements from management and the project team.
18- Training of HWs and CHVs during field visits.
19- Correction action for any negative findings.
20- Perform any tasks requested by the line director.

Minimum experience and skills    

  • A university degree in medicine or a health diploma.
  • Minimum of a 1-year work experience with NGOs in supply chain management.
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English.
  • Proficient in MS Office (Word – Excel – Power point – Arabic & English Typing – emails).

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit their application by clicking the link bellow: